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Equipped with the most sophisticated tools, our experts are always enhancing your players' experience by delivering new fascinating games every month and making it easier for you to manage your players, through a fully advanced back office application.

We are well known for our startling graphic-reach interfaces, the exclusivity of our themes and our striking animations.

With more than 300 games, our company is leading the market along with the top companies in the industry in terms of volume of traffic.

Slot machines

Over a century old, and still among the most popular casino games around, slot machines are incredibly successful nowadays thanks to their ease of use, the great prizes that can be won and the fantastic game modes that players can enjoy.

A wide range of winning combinations, animated symbols, free spins, bonuses and progressive jackpots all guarantee fun and entertainment.

From the simplest of mechanical style games to progressive games which will enthrall and entertain our players in a safe environment, we ensure the transparency of all our games using a sophisticated random number generator (RNG) which is crucial for your clients.


Roulette has a reputation as a classic and elegant casino game that players can both enjoy playing alone or with others.

The key to the success of the game of roulette is its simplicity and variety, and above all, the unparalleled thrill of seeing the ball spin and spin before finally coming to a stop, and the excitement of seeing if it has been your lucky day!

Online roulette games can now compete with land-based casinos, as they offer players all the roulette strategies available but with the added bonus of being far from the prying eyes of other players and dealers.

Players can play in their own time and focus on their own game without being distracted by the general frenzy of the casino.

We have a wide choice of roulette games which includes the classic European roulette, the American roulette, the Multi Wheel roulette, multi-player roulette, special alternative features for VIP players, simplified versions, tables with additional progressive jackpots and many others.

Your players will never get tired of playing thanks to the widest range of games available.

Table games

In addition to roulette, our table games include many other card games where players, rather than relying solely on luck, have to make full use of their skill and tactics to win numerous prizes including bonuses, cash, jackpots and much, much more!

Our table games guarantee a realistic gaming experience, boast cutting-edge graphics as well as a beautiful background music.

Video Poker

As one of the most recent type of game in the industry, video poker has captured a huge share of the market. The game combines the skill and tactics of poker, with the element of luck from slot machines.

Our video poker games are fascinating simulations of some of the most popular poker games, although in fact, the basic idea of video poker remains the same throughout.

There are a number of exciting variants of the game available to try out.

We have a wide range of video poker games which includes single line video poker, multi-line, and progressive jackpot video poker.


If one game stands out from the from the casino game circuit, we automatically think of Blackjack.

For lovers of card games, Blackjack not only offers thrills and excitement but also a genuine chance of winning.

Also commonly referred to as Twenty-One and Pontoon, Blackjack can be played in a variety of slightly different ways, all of which have one main focus which is to get cards with higher value than the dealer’s hand. This value can be equal to 21 or less.

Our wide range of Blackjack games covers all kinds.