C'è gioia nel gioco. C'è bellezza nella semplicità. C'è un brivido innegabile nello scoprire un nuovo gioco e trovando intuitivo ed emozionante per giocare. Con queste semplici verità in mente, progettiamo e consegniamo giochi online che replicano l'emozione del gioco dal vivo. Giochi che sono visivamente sbalorditivo, facile da capire e all'infinito coinvolgente.


For operators to access new and exciting game content, iSoftBet provides a flexible and straightforward content aggregation technology.

Game Aggregation Platform (GAP) is created to maximise revenue potential by combining iSoftbet gaming content with that of over 25 leading content providers in the gaming industry.

Our advanced platform suite also enables operators to efficiently manage different game features such as bonuses and free rounds across all the vendors from one back office.

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I nostri clienti

Amiamo i nostri clienti e forniamo piattaforme e giochi ad una vasta gamma di società di gaming in tutta Europa.


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Il nostro personale

Simplicity - Creativity - Personality

Our people are the i in Isoftbet, they are the heart and sole of the business, and are passionate about gaming and creating the best user experience their is, meet some of our team here.
  1. We focus on taking the complex and making it simple to use and understand
  2. We have a passion for clean design that makes things easy to use, and delivers a better experience
  3. We have a zest for life and living. We enjoy our work, have fun, relish excitement and nurture a strong sense of adventure
  4. We are engaging, outward-looking and friendly. We spend time with people to understand them and to do things that will help them do better
  5. We are passionate about the importance of technology and keeping pace with it, but value the simplicity of the user experience over the complex.
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