Q & A WITH OUR HEAD OF GAMES BY Bigtimegamingfreeplay.com

We’re joined by Mark Claxton who is the Head of Games at iSoftbet for today’s Q & A, so a big thank you to Mark for taking the time out of his day to have a chat with us. 

Hi Mark, Nice to meet you and thanks for joining us.  What is your role at iSoftBet? And how long have you been working with the company?

I joined iSoftBet just over a year ago as Head of Games, heavily focusing on strategy around how take the quality of our slots to the next level. This comes after 17 years in the industry previously working for industry giants such as IGT, Playtech and Ash Gaming.  I realised that iSoftBet were a fast growing company with big ambitions and I wanted to be part of this and help shape their future.

Aside from helping improve their roadmap and overall product strategy I also am introducing new processes into the games development process to help us make better games – at a faster rate. The role touches many areas of the business such as crossing over to assist marketing, commercial and promotional products.

Would you be able to give us a brief history on iSoftBet from its beginnings up until the present day?

We are an online and mobile casino games supplier, working with some of the world’s largest and most successful  operators.  Certified in more than 16 regulated markets including the UK, Alderney, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Switzerland, we have been in the business for over 6 years.

Megaways™ Slots are continuing to rise in their popularity, did you always intend on acquiring the Megaways™ license at some stage? Or has it now got to the point where as a slot developer this is a must have mechanic in your arsenal?

I had my eye on it for some time. I personally was always a fan of the IP since seeing it back in the very first Big Time Gaming Megaways™ titles (pre Bonanza). I can count on one hand how many times a new slot has broken into the ‘top 5’ and when I saw Bonanza do this, I knew that there would be great mileage in this IP. The market of course has taken notice of this and I expect the number of providers to increase over time, with even more diverse Megaways™ titles.

Your debut Megaways™ title Aztec gold Megaways™ will be released soon, what is the level of anticipation among the team at iSoftBet? And what kind of feedback have you had so far?

There is very high anticipation amongst us here at iSoftBet for Aztec Gold Megaways™ – and why wouldn’t there be? We have spent a lot of time on this title, meticulously tweaking areas of the game for maximum effect.  We believe its also one of the best looking titles we have ever created.  This all is testament to our world class team here at iSoftBet.

What does the team at iSoftBet believe makes a top Megaways™ Slot when it comes to grabbing the attention of players?

In terms of grabbing players attention – that would be the attention to detail and how we really celebrate the wins with our player.  We take typical Megaways™ behaviour and tweak it to really give the players what they want and in a much more exciting manner.

Once we have the players attention in the game, then it’s time to keep them entertained with the maths and mechanics. I cannot stress how important this part is! Which, like mentioned regarding attention to detail, we spent a lot of time looking into and countless hours…days…weeks playtesting it.

It was a nice surprise to see that you had decided to leave out a free spin feature in Aztec Gold Megaways™ and dare to be a little different. Are there any plans in future Megaways™ releases to add more features or enhancers that make you again stand out from your competitors?

The feature we chose in question is a hugely popular mechanic in itself and we have made some amazing twists to its traditional form to reward players with their Megaways™ expectations. For example – If they trigger the bonus with a larger reel layout – the bonus is played and ‘locked’ on that larger layout. This is only possible within a Megaways™ title.

We have left out the traditional free spins feature in this title but we feel that what we have in its place will be exciting and offer similar win potential as what other Megaways™ games may deliver. We have got additional features, twists and enhancements all coming soon in future Megaways™ titles in 2020.

We think Aztec gold Megaways™ is a great slot and can’t wait to see what else you will bring to the Megaways™ market. Have you got anything you can tell us about upcoming Megaways™ titles for the year ahead?

We have a very exciting year upcoming in 2020. There will be a steady stream of Megaways™ titles throughout the entire year with a nice mixture of innovation and straight up classic Megaway multiplier action! We have a very innovative (and exciting!) Megaways™ variant – which you will be able to see, and others, on the iSoftBet stand at ICE in February 2020. Come over to the stand and I’ll give you a demo…


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