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Lee McCreery

Games Development Analyst

My role means I am involved in a wide variety of projects at iSoftBet, and that makes it an exciting place to work.
Creating great slots, from concept through to the features and maths, is a challenging process but once the games are released all the hard work pays off like a Super Jackpot!

We always have many exciting new games in progress, and the whole team is dedicated to developing innovative and engaging content for our players.

Swati Bali

Marketing & Events Manager

I look after iSoftBet’s marketing and events planning. My role encompasses a variety of projects, all with the aim of ensuring that company’s external communication across all platforms is accurate and on time. It’s great to work within such a tight-knit team, and I’m looking forward to building on my knowledge of the i-gaming industry.

Graham Greensmith

Account Manager

I’ve been working in the gambling industry for 11 years now, having started as a university graduate working in London bingo clubs! During my career, I’ve largely focused on servicing players directly from the operator-side of the industry, in retail and online – the experience has been invaluable for my customers here at iSoftBet. It’s a lot of fun and I work with people who really care about what they do. It’s very rewarding.

Federica Faggiano

Head of Account Management

I am Head of Account Management and lead a team of 5 in what is one of the most vibrant departments within the company. Working with people and optimizing their businesses is what motivates me every day and that’s why everything we do, we do it thinking about our Partners’ needs.
I have been called the company’s polymath, dealing with all aspects of the “assembly line” and I thoroughly enjoy getting involved in multiple collaborative projects. All the daily and monthly challenges deliver results so I couldn’t think of a more rewarding environment in which to express myself.

Doban Lucian

Sound Designer

I’ve been composing electronic music on a personal level since 2003, and after signing with various record labels worldwide by 2007, the opportunity to bring my passion into my professional life at iSoftBet was impossible to refuse.

From the moment I joined the team I was able to start consolidating my existing knowledge while overcoming many significant challenges that presented themselves along the way. I personally feel that game audio is what brings our games together and I can’t think of a more satisfying or exciting way to spend my days.

Mark Halstead

Compliance Manager

I’m relatively new to iSoftBet, joining the company in August 2014, but in this short time I’ve been given the opportunity to improve my skills and expand my knowledge of Compliance in the European markets. I’m working with a great team and looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead.

Alexandru Pau

Project Manager

I’ve been a part of this amazing team for over 2 years already and simply can’t get enough of it. Mixing professional challenges with business goals and continuous improvements makes life in Isoftbet both fun and challenging at the same time.

Through our commons efforts and working as a genuine team, we are happy to provide our solutions at the highest standards. I am proud to lead Isoftbet projects by streamlining integrations with our partners and continuously aiming to deliver the highest level of satisfaction in return.

Radu Mitiu

Art Director

A career visual designer, I’ve always tried to maintain a healthy balance between functionality and presentation. Having spent quite a few years as a web and user interface designer, my current role is to lead our creative team into building exciting new titles for our customers.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to work for iSoftBet, as my job entails doing what I’ve always wanted to do in the first place – help create the best graphical experiences possible. Every project is a new challenge and a brand new opportunity to push our creative endeavours further.

Adrian Chiru

Flash Maintenance Team Leader

Starting out as a Flash programmer at iSoftBet, I gradually moved up the ranks to coordinate our Maintenance team. Since then, the department has grown and flourished, and I have grown with it. I like to think that my continued efforts have had a positive impact on the company and that my hard work and dedication has helped the development of the company over the past 6 years.