Super Lucky New Year Promotion Results

iSoftBet would like to extend a huge thanks to all who took part in iSoftBet’s recent Super Lucky New Year promotion!

Taking place over the New Year period and involving five of our biggest games, our most recent promotion offered eight great prizes to our winning players!

Those lucky winners and their prizes are displayed on the final leaderboard below:

Position Username Total Points Prize
1GIOIAMIA1359,474.30 EUR €500
2turbonxx50,992.23 EUR €250
3smartiefahrer46,988.75 EUR €250
4omanaus37,492.75 EUR €100
5COMPLETO6436,807.50 EUR €100
6Presidente7734,859.71 EUR €100
7mattty26,901.00 EUR €100
8batoulis___5424,060.00 EUR €100


Congratulations to our winners,
and we hope you continue enjoying iSoftBet games!