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iSoftBet is a top-end gambling company building casino games and a games aggregation platform. We are currently looking for a Back-Office development Manager for our office in Bucharest. This role will report directly to our Chief Technical Officer.


iSoftBet has formed a back-office development department, to migrate our back-office (RMS) into a series of top end applications for our clients to use, within the e-gambling industry. We are looking for a PHP Back-office development manager to lead, manage and review the development team.

Summary of the key purposes of the role:

Reporting to the CTO, the Development lead will have an in-depth technology background, ultimately with strong stakeholder management experience to lead the strategy, design and create the footprint for current and future projects.

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Leading the Back-office development teams
  • Strategy, Design, Development, Stakeholder Management, Lead/Manage/Grow a high end Development Division
  • Local and remote management
  • Experience in creating back-office mandatory for the position
  • Migrating our back-office from a monolith application to application using micro-services to communicate between them
  • Being involved in the architecture design for the apps


  • Very strong PHP (Symfony 4.2 or above) experience. Latest frameworks
  • Good Javascript experience (Angular latest)
  • Good MySQL knowledge (MySQL 5.x 8.x)
  • Experience in Docker and Continuous integration in general (i.e. bamboo, team city etc.)
  • Experience in Acceptance, functional and automated testing


  • Leading and soft skills
  • Strong English written and spoken
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