Plans, executes and finalizes projects in parallel, according to strict deadlines and project requirements

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science;
  • Must be able to manage multiple projects within a flexible work schedule, but sometimes overtime might be needed;
  • Experience in managing and coordinating a team;
  • Ability to delegate work tasks and keep track of their progress;
  • Flexibility in dealing with unexpected situations or requests when working on a project;
  • Ability to adhere to strict deadlines and planning;
  • Ability to prioritise and carry out tasks under pressure;
  • Adaptability and tactfulness in interacting with the parties involved in  the project;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Analytical, organizational and planning skills;
  • Perseverance, attention to details and constancy;
  • Ability to write technical and non-technical documents that are clear and concise;
  • Advanced English skills (writing, speaking)


  • Configuration settings for new providers, licensee, and operators;
  • Configuration settings between licensee and providers;
  • Management of configuration change asked for by licensee or providers;
  • Reporting all configuration changes to NOC and other departments involved
  • Is in permanent contact with the Account Managers;
  • Plans and determines the timeline of the internal configurations as well as the projects’ steps using the appropriate tools;
  • Keeps track of the B2B projects’ progress as well as their results;
  • Secures and intermediates the contact between the technical departments and the managers that devise the business strategy;
  • Assesses the resources and participants needed to attain the project’s objectives;
  • Generates and provides reports regarding the project’s progress, proposals, different presentations and documentation needed;
  • Helps with the technical implementation of business strategies
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